Marty Flynn wants to end his career in public service as mayor of Hamilton – in Trentonia

Acting Hamilton Township Mayor Marty Flynn (left) and Health Director Jeff Plunkett hold a press conference at the Hamilton Township Animal Shelter.

As a longtime community member, Marty Flynn aims to lead the Town that has already given so much to him. Flynn has experience at City Hall, has been an athletic director at several area schools and has had a successful career coaching high school sports in Hamilton.

“I have been a public servant throughout my career. Being the mayor of my hometown would be the pinnacle of that public service.”

As a native, Flynn has a strong love for the town and will use that as motivation for his campaign.

Aside from his background on former Mayor Yaede’s staff, Flynn believes it is important to highlight his years of leadership experience that put him in the position he is in today.

“One of the reasons why people have been so receptive to my candidacy is because of these leadership positions that I’ve been involved in all my life,” he said.

Flynn has a clean slate of accomplishments and positions. According to Flynn, he has 22 years of professional experience as a teacher and coach at Hamilton High West and earned a master’s degree and major. He then served as the Athletic Director at Nottingham for 3 years before becoming the Athletic Director at West Windsor Plainsboro. He was a two-time president of the Colonial Valley Conference, as well as vice president of the Mercer County tournament, chairman of the programming committee and executive committee of the NJSIA. He is a long-standing member and served as Chair of the Eligibility and Appeals Committee. Flynn has been inducted into many Coaching Halls of Fame and has served as an instructor at TCNJ.

Marty flynn

Despite being uncomfortable talking about herself, Flynn said, “You don’t last in leadership positions, get the kind of recognition that I get without understanding that it’s a collaborative effort, that commitment is required and that you have to bring everyone to the table.” You have to get everyone’s opinion and then make decisions based on what’s best for the situation.” He added: “I’ve got the grades, I’ve got the drive, and I’ve got the drive to do this and do it really well.”

According to Flynn, he started working as director of Health, Recreation, Aging and Veterans Services after emailing Yaede 10 reasons why he should be hired for the job. The next day he had an interview.

After being hired, Flynn recalled hitting the ground running.

“I looked at the budget, I saw what was there. I went out and saw things.’ Flynn’s journey would lead to the revitalization of multiple Hamilton area parks, 22 tennis courts, baseball and soccer fields, and the privatization of the Bromley Center. He was also in charge of the Senior Center and worked with the Patriot Committee.

Flynn also served as Director of Economic Development and Chief Technology Officer.

Although Flynn acknowledged his lack of experience for the Economic Development job, “I used the same skill set that I’ve used in other situations. Engagement, collaboration, being nice to people, all those things. I did my homework on what’s going on in town. What about land use what’s good, what’s good for development and things of that nature. We did some really positive things there,” Flynn said.

During the interview, Flynn admitted that he had wanted to be mayor since he was 15 before telling the Trentonian his plans.

“I put together a Hamiltonian leadership team and we’re going to talk to Hamiltonians, analyze and make decisions based on what Hamiltonians want, not special interest groups or machines.” He continued, “I think we can do a better job of stabilizing and reducing taxes.”

The former athletic director also plans to conduct a full evaluation of City jobs, making sure first responders are “well-equipped, trained and well-educated” and continuing economic development.

Flynn’s biggest goal as mayor? “For people to understand that this big town that’s full of little neighborhoods is still a community,” Flynn said. “And I think I can provide that.”

As for Hamilton being the largest population, on a county-wide stage Flynn said he supports anything that benefits the community.

“But it has to benefit the people of Hamilton,” Flynn said.

Flynn added that if Hamilton is able to do something successfully, there will be a “copycat” effect, and other towns will follow suit.

As a man who grew up, raised a family and coached and taught generations of Hamilton kids, Flynn also believes it’s “very important” to allow young families to grow up in Hamilton, seniors to retire and businesses to thrive. While working as an economic development director, Flynn would often hear that millennials only want a place to sleep, not a regular home.

According to Flynn, Hamilton’s younger families “want to have a little house, have a yard, put a pool in there, a basketball court, and that’s what Hamilton is. And we have to keep pushing for that. And nurture that. I know that I will do a good job and I know that my administration will do a good job.”

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