Lil Pump drops ‘Snitch’ on TI and disses his comedy career

Lil Pump apparently has a bone to pick with TI after labeling the Atlanta rap legend a “snitch” and a “bum.”

The “Gucci Gang” rapper made the scathing comments on Instagram Live on Tuesday (March 21), where he addressed the uproar over Tip’s confession that he once put a gun holster on his dead cousin, as well as his latest “paper party.”

“TI’s snitch,” he said. “So I don’t ever want to see him pull without those stupid, shitty papers. TI, we know you’re a snitch. You even brought the papers for your stupid-ass comedy show that no one goes to. You are wonderful!’

It is unclear what prompted the verbal attack on TI, who has yet to respond.

TI has long been plagued by accusations of snitching since he filmed it Crime Stoppers commercial as part of his plea deal in the 2007 gun case. The rapper faced up to 10 years in prison, but was sentenced to one year and one day.

Scrutiny has intensified in recent months following a clip from one of its 2020 episodes. quickly podcast in the early 2000s, Tip admitted to Toot that he had planted a gun case on Toot’s dead cousin to avoid jail time.

He said he “talked” to Toot, who passed away before the case went to court, and his late relative gave his blessing to tell authorities the gun belonged to him.

TI’s comments didn’t sit well with famous anti-snitch advocate Boosie Badazz, who called him a “rat” and scrapped the joint album they were planning to release together.

Ti charleston white paperwork party mace

Charleston White pulls out TI’s paper party: “I got my mace!”

“I’m not going to waste a muthafuckin’ body because if you do anything wrong, if you do anything criminal and you cooperate with law enforcement to get out of trouble, that means you’re cooperating,” the Baton Rouge native said. VladTV. “That means you’re a rat.”

In response, TI hosted a “paper party” in his hometown of Atlanta, where he was seen waving around court documents proving he wasn’t a snitch to his dead cousin.

As General Grand Hustle explained in an interview Trap News Networkthe filing states, “the case was settled on a motion to suppress all evidence for an illegal search and seizure.”

Tip’s efforts to clear his name didn’t go as planned after Boosie Badazz ignored his invitation to the event. Instead, he sat inside State Farm Arena to watch the Atlanta Hawks’ game against the Cleveland Cavaliers.

“I’ve been waiting for a special guest to show up, and he hasn’t shown up yet,” TI said at his paperwork party. “But there was someone who had to say something about me and question my, you know, my position on some of my cases. But he is not here to see my papers!

“I don’t like a n-gga to fly to God and shy, you hear me? My n-gga, I’m right here in the center, so come on if you got something to say about me, if you think it’s not all. There’s a way to clear it up: well, let it show me what you’re looking for I want to see who wants to see, can you hear me?

He continued: “And then after you’ve seen what you need to see, it’s up to you now. We’re going to fix that shit, because you’ve jawed too far, you’ve dipped too far into the chip.

Despite the back and forth, he insisted on an interview with TI TMZ She said earlier this month that there is no bad blood between her and Boosie and that things will smooth out “offline.”

“There is no cow. It’s a misunderstanding,” he said. “Somebody said it wrong, and I think somebody has accepted that understanding, and it’s going to be handled offline … the way it should have been before.”

Lil Pump, on the other hand, has just released his latest album Lil Pump 2It dropped on March 17th. The 16-track project features appearances from NBA YoungBoy, Ty Dolla $ign, Smokepurrp and more.

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