Lexson Mathieu leaves his unsuccessful boxing career behind for cryptocurrency

When super middleweight Lexson Mathieu turned pro in January 2019, big things were expected of him. He moved quickly and won the NABF title in his ninth pro fight. It was thought to be the beginning.

However, when the Covid-19 pandemic hit, like for so many, things changed dramatically for the charismatic Canadian.

“My career was amazing, I had a lot of promise, Covid came, a lot of restrictions came,” Mathieu told The Ring. “I had to leave the country, the restrictions were too severe for us, we felt they were putting their foot on our throat. At that time I did not have the right to train in the gym. We were training in secret.

“We decided to leave the country, so I left all my possessions, cars, apartments and me and my two brothers and coach to Mexico for two months. Cabo St. We decided to train in Lucas because we knew we were going to do a boxing event in Mexico.

“Eventually the restrictions got a lot harder on people and we didn’t even have the right to go back to Canada because the borders were closed. At that moment, I understood that I could not continue my boxing career. If you don’t vaccinate, you can’t fight.”

This led Mathieu and his brother Kingsley to move to Thailand and get involved in Crypto currency.

“When we accepted that my career was over and we couldn’t fight anymore, I decided to stop training and move to Thailand because the restrictions were so severe,” he said. “Also, the country was Crypto friendly, banks allow Crypto currency to pass through, so I had the right to exchange money. It was different in Canada, I had no right to buy or mix with Crypto. That’s why we chose Thailand.”

Mathieu, who is still only 23 years old, freely admits that he was not in love with boxing and did it because it was good and felt like a job rather than a vocation.

“Boxing, training and fighting was a nightmare, it wasn’t something I enjoy, but after the fight I enjoy it,” he said. “I can say that I miss the post-fight, living like a champion and the recognition. I also love my new life.

“I loved living like a champ, but I hated every minute spent in the gym. I hated sparring, I hated doing the heavy bag. I hated training.

“People say they love boxing; I told them I don’t believe it [them.] They do it because they like to live like champions. Yes, it is true that living like a champion is worth it. Boxing is hard and requires a lot of scarification.’

And without that passion, boxing is not something you can play. As they say, ‘You don’t play boxing’. You’re all in or out, no half measures and Mathieu is smart enough to realize that.

“My second life is in Finance, Crypto was just a tool we used to achieve our financial freedom and to be able to move around the country without being restricted by money,” he explained. “Last year, if you wanted to send money to the Freedom convoy in Ottawa, you had your bank account frozen, like in China, so it was pretty serious.

“The only way you can have your money is Crypto, Bit Coin, Money Row, I use Crypto as a tool. Now our new life is finance, we run an investment consortium and we want to acquire as many assets as possible. This is our new quest.

“We opened a business in Thailand to be able to mix with Crypto currency without being restricted like in Canada.”

While this looks like the last time we’ll see Lexson inside a boxing ring, his younger brother, Wilkens, is a five-time national amateur champion who made his debut on February 2 and looks to have a bright future ahead of him. Mathieu 2:0, if you will.

“We have a different mindset and opinion,” he said. “I didn’t like boxing, but Wilkens is in love with the sport, he likes to watch boxing. I don’t watch boxing, I don’t consume sport, but Wilkens is different, he has more contact with the fans and he is different”.

Mathieu’s former promoter Camille Estephan of Eye of The Tiger appreciates the transparency Mathieu showed in declaring that he no longer wanted to pursue a boxing career.

“Lexson is an ‘everything guy’ who is fully invested in his projects, in what he believes in,” says Estephan. “He invested in his boxing career and that’s what led him to success and being undefeated.

“He then became obsessed with the profits he made and focused his career on other interests, and he stayed true to himself. We discussed his career, and I really appreciated his honesty in letting me know the path he wanted to follow to develop his other passions, he stayed true to himself.’

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