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I am a 32-year-old woman a doctoral candidate i am I enjoy my work and I think I am doing well. I get a grant, so I get a salary, albeit a low one. A took me a lot of time to reach this position and I am proud of how my career is going.

But my mother can’t take my work seriously. He tells me regularly that I don’t have a job and that I’m always ready to socialize, help, etc. I’m sorry As if I have to prove that what I do is worth it.

It’s also disappointing because I feel like there’s a gender double standard here. He is verbally proud of both my brothers’ careers, as well as my husband’s he respects their boundaries, without them even having to make a voice.

Our last point was that my mom told me that I should do most of the housework because my husband has a well-paying “real job.” I’m sorry this reduces my work, even if it is low paying time intensive and challenging. I I often find myself holding on to my resentment because I can’t face getting angry again.

Eleanor says: If at a certain moment a loved one does not give us the approval or recognition we want, the only thing we can do is to stop wanting it.

This is a difficult thing to accept. And: training yourself not to want approval doesn’t make it any less exciting when we’re reminded that we don’t have it yet.

But sometimes the reality is that our loved ones cannot understand what we need. The barriers to understanding are too great, whether due to direct class, gender or generational gaps. They have a vision of how life should be, and a set of concepts they’re used to working with, and those things aren’t going to change. (A friend of mine could never convince her grandmother that her husband’s years-long affair was grounds for divorce. “I don’t see why. that big problem,” said the grandmother. In all other respects, they were close).

This can be particularly acute when it comes to employment and “proper” ways of earning a living. Ideas about what work is and who should do what in the house have been around much longer than this tension between you and your mother. Such ideas die hard.

So here’s a way to see your mother’s opinions as an artifact of her history instead of something you caused. He’s talking about her, not you. That way, at least, you start to feel less attacked and wrong: it’s wrong whether your job is difficult or not. A mistake doesn’t have to feel as troubling, or as personal, as an accusation.

Also, when he says these dismissive things, you can also try a kind of language block so you don’t ignore what he’s saying. Think about how you would react if an acquaintance said something like that, who doesn’t know you at all, but for example “you should be the one doing the homework”. It might be tantamount to capitulation to bother arguing with them. You might share a confused look with an onlooker and move on with your day. Making an effort to change someone’s mind about you can show them that you care about what they believe. As a result, there is a kind of power no trying to change his mind.

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You may enjoy accessing that sense of power with your mother. Instead of trying to prove that you’re busy, you’d almost literally hear no hint that you’re not. Instead of objecting to the claim that you don’t have a real job, you would quickly move on to the next topic; almost pretending that he did not notice what was said. This type of blocking can be a way of (silently) signaling that you’re not interested in changing someone’s mind, and a lack of interest can be a way of regaining power. Sometimes even more than having an argument and winning.

If those around us will not treat us with respect, we can at least insist that what they think of us does not change what we know about ourselves.

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