“I changed careers to become a tarot reader and now I’ve found my purpose in life”

A woman who switched careers to become a tarot card reader says she has found her purpose in life by telling other people’s fortunes. Emily Thornton, 34, works under the name Solar Sister Tarot after developing his skills during the pandemic.

He said his interest in the supernatural began when he was young and says that over the years he has had strange experiences that have drawn him even more to the supernatural. On her website, Emily says she was once “locked in the bathroom” by a “very volatile spirit” while sitting in a family home, and often felt a “presence” that “felt like someone was always leaning over my shoulder.” in his student flat.

Emily, from Bradford and lives in Manchester, trained as an actress at drama school and received her first deck of tarot cards in 2013 while playing Madam Arcarti in Blithe Spirit. “I was drawn to it from the start, and some of my friends were asking me to do readings for fun, and I realized that I had the skills for it, but I didn’t properly start your tarot reading until the 2020 block,” Emily he told the Manchester Evening News.

“I was taking a course and it was yoga Tai Chi. There were a lot of different things in this course, and one of the things was tarot and a lady who was doing weekly readings said, ‘Has anyone got a deck?’ and I said, yes, and I wasn’t sure what to do, or how to learn to read properly.

“He gave me a little bit of technique and it was like it was my goal. It was what I needed to do and I ran with it.”

Soon people began to approach, offering money to give a reading. “Back then I wasn’t asking people to pay me for readings, I was just doing it for fun, but there were people who started coming up to me to offer to pay me for readings. So it was almost like I fell. kind of,” he said.

On her website, Emily says: “Unfortunately I was laid off from my theater job in July 2020. I started really thinking about what I want to do and what makes me happy. I decided enough was enough.”

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