Guiding women to successfully establish and lead their successful careers

From experiencing a difficult childhood to leaving an abusive marriage to becoming a lawyer, Pamela Kurt’s journey is inspiring. He is a seasoned attorney with over 13 years of experience and is the owner of Kurt Law Office, LLC. More recently, she has transitioned into career coaching to help other female attorneys take the steps they need to establish successful practices.

Surviving tough times by building resilience

Pamela grew up in a rural community in Ohio. He lost his father at a young age and that was a key experience for him. Then getting an education became a door to many steps and opportunities and a better life for Pamela. In every test in every class, he drove himself to win the top ranks, and if he couldn’t, he made himself less worthy. His personal life was also difficult. She suffered domestic violence in her first marriage.

But as they say, with courage and determination, any obstacle in life can be overcome. Pamela left her husband and continued her studies. She was a single mother, worked full-time, and attended college full-time. A strong-willed and bright student, he successfully completed his MPA and JD simultaneously. “I look back on that time now, and I honestly have no idea how I did it, except I knew I had to have an education to be able to create the life I wanted,” Pamela shares. “I wanted better for my son.”

These years of toil taught Pamela that if she put her mind to something, she could accomplish whatever she set her mind to. After leaving law school, he opened his own law firm to start building his dream. He did it.

In her current role as a professional women’s life coach, Pamela is helping other women successfully establish and lead their successful careers with confidence and skill.

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Building a personalized training program for each client

For each client, Pamela begins her training program by conducting a series of assessments, including the Enneagram personality assessment and learning style and communication styles. Together with the client, he reviews the results of the assessment, and then discovers ideal long-term goals and case planning.

“Although I have a workbook that I have created based on my experience and training in domestic violence, trauma, growth and professional development and coaching, each client’s journey is different depending on their goals and time, effort and energy. ready to grow,” explained Pamela. Therefore, a customized training program is built for each client, making it unique, effective and achievable. In addition, customers complete an entry and exit survey to gauge their responses when they start based on their results upon completion.

One of Pamela’s most successful programs to date was training employees to maintain customer expectations. “I know it was successful because the team I coached also passed on the information through their feedback and input,” Pamela added.

A step-by-step guide to Leadership Coaching

Pamela divides her training program into three parts: Dream, Believe and Achieve. The dream stage is to take an honest look at the client’s life and discuss with them what is and isn’t working, what they want to change and why, and what brought them to this place? Next comes a belief and action plan creation stage where Pamela and the client take an overview of what they discovered during the assessment, including any limiting beliefs, and then begin to create an action plan to address and achieve the goals. create the ideal life identified.

For Pamela, the achievement step is the most rewarding part of the program. This is because the client begins to take the steps identified in the action plan to achieve the goals identified in the assessment and achieve their ideal life on their own terms.

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Overcoming male preference and male prejudice at work

As a female lawyer, one of Pamela’s most daunting challenges was overcoming male preferences and male prejudices. Even today, many clients prefer to work with male lawyers; therefore, the competition for clients is tougher for female lawyers. As a business owner and in the courts, he also faced sexism and patriarchy. But being resilient, Pamela rose above these adversities and created a niche for herself.

Drawing lessons from her own experiences and hardships, Pamela now helps her clients learn how to hold their own, compete with their peers, and overcome challenges with class, grace, and keeping their personal and professional boundaries intact.

A working day full of variety

No two working days are the same for Pamela. As a women’s life coach, she is actively involved in teaching and training, speaking at public events or diving into writing for her next book. This variety and diversity at work brings Pamela great joy and deep purpose. He likes to plan and organize his daily schedule to stay calm and focused on his goals.

Making a positive impact on the lives of many

When it comes to empowering people and impacting lives, Pamela is driven to connect with otherworldly changemakers, be it advocates, decision makers, hope sellers, legacy builders and/or mental health professionals who can identify problems and devise and implement action. intend to solve them. “I want everyone to know and truly believe that they can be the best version of themselves,” Pamela passionately mentions.

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Pearls of Wisdom for Aspiring Women Leaders

Pamela suggests that aspiring female leaders stay focused on their goals rather than being distracted by shiny object syndrome. Individuals can become the best versions of themselves if they stay true to themselves and their values. That’s why being authentic is the key to success in life and business.

“The world needs YOU, your magic, your sparkle, your hope, your story and your sparkle,” Pamela declared. “You’ve lived through every chapter of your story so far as a survival manual that you’ll be able to offer to someone else.”

Building Works

Pamela is currently working with a long-time business partner to get a domestic violence recovery course in the hands of survivors, together to stop domestic violence victims from reoccurring. She also hopes to accept more speaking opportunities to reach and empower more women around the world.

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