Emerson Royal reveals a key turning point in Tottenham’s career and details Antonio Conte’s adjustment

Emerson Royal admits that knowing he’s going to be a dad helped him get back to his “peak performance level”. The Brazilian, who joined Tottenham from Barcelona in the summer of 2021, endured a difficult start to life in north London as he struggled to adapt to playing as a right-back having played as a right-back throughout his career.

Amidst some low points for the former Real Betis player, most notably the 4-3 win over Leeds United in November where his supporters rocked him, he really turned a corner in 2023 and produced some very impressive performances for the Lilywhites. and also helped with the goals. Discovering that he and his fiancee are expecting a baby on his birthday in January, Emerson has revealed that the news completely changed his mindset and his performances have benefited as a result.

“It’s a little bit of everything, I’ve experienced many moments within the club. This last year has been a lot for me to learn”, admitted the right-wing defender in an interview. Globe Sport. “On my birthday, after losing to Arsenal, it was a hard day for me, I received the news that I was going to be a father. It was a day that changed my life completely, when I returned to my peak performance.

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“I always had the dream of becoming a father and after receiving this news of the bride, I changed my way of thinking and began to think that I was not doing it just for myself, now there are two dependents. me

“I don’t know how, many people ask me how it happened, the next day I already changed, it was the week of the match against. [Man] The city where I scored a goal. He was thinking about going to the field and my son, my future wife. That’s why I say I’m living a new phase.”

Delivering his best displays in a Tottenham shirt in the first few months of 2023, Emerson deservedly belonged in the team and deserved all the accolades that came his way. The player has admitted that his role has changed recently as he is now playing more inside and trying to help tie things up from there rather than holding the touchline.

“At Tottenham I play this very sharp role, occupying the edge of the pitch, but in the last five or six games I have changed my character. [Antonio] Conte usually does it, which is the winger,” said the former Barcelona player. “In recent games I’ve been more inside, having a passing option between the lines, building the game from the inside.

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