Eight Wales players whose Six Nations career Warren Gatland could end in 24 hours

“If I look at the squad, there are eight players in there who are playing the last Six Nations game.”

Well, okay.

But not everyone saw those words from Warren Gatland at his press conference this week ahead of Wales’ 2023 Six Nations final against France.

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Most assumed that two or three players would surely say goodbye to the tournament, but eight is a lot. “We have to think about building to the World Cup this year, but we also have to think about 2027,” Gatland continued.

What happened to the idea of ​​constantly rebuilding to ease young players into an experienced team? The problem with this is that sometimes tomorrow never comes and people are reluctant to let go of senior staff, especially if they have done great things in the past, so there may not be enough emphasis on developing the next generation.

Has this kind of thinking led Wales to their current position, with a huge gap between the top stars and young guns and little in between? Some will think so.

Anyway, here are the players Gatland may have had in mind when he said those words.

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