David Benavidez Net Worth 2023: Career Earnings, Biggest Fight Portfolio, Brand Deals & Endorsements

Six feet two inches tall, he was born in Phoenix, Arizona David Benavidez He has yet to lose a professional fight in his boxing career. Moreover, on the way to his twenty-seventh fight, he does not seem to show any signs of leaving the track. His opponent Caleb plant he is a technical boxer who relies on counterattacking options. But the twenty-six-year-old fighter, born to a Mexican father and an Ecuadorian-Dominican mother, is sure to play havoc early in the fight, as he has done so many times.

David Benavidez comes from a family with deep roots in boxing. his father, Jose Benavidez, is a well-established coach. His older brother, on the other hand Jose Benavidez Jr. after a stellar career as an amateur boxer, he turned professional in 2010 and eventually won the WBA (Interim) Light Welterweight title in 2014. David Benavidez made his professional debut in 2013 and won the vacant WBC Super Middleweight title in 2017. However, he lost. title after testing positive for banned drugs in 2018.

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In his subsequent comeback in 2019 he became the WBC Super Middleweight Champion. However, he would return a year later, because he broke the weight limit in the fight against. Roamer Angle. Two years later, on May 21, 2022, he defeated him David Lemieux and was the WBC Interim Super Middleweight Champion. His decade-long stay in boxing has sparked a renewed interest in his career earnings and where his net worth stands.


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David Benavidez Net Worth

According to various portals, the net worth of the ‘Mexican Monster’ must be between 2-5 million dollars. Even without endorsements and bonuses, his career as a boxer must have netted him about $5 million.

David Benavidez’s career earnings

The details of the money Benavidez received for each fight would be difficult to determine. However, From sources like, A battle portfolio of some recently fought matches is available. In 2017, he faced and defeated the Romanian Ronald Gavril for the first time on September 8 at the Hard Rock Hotel in Nevada. The salary he received was 400,000 dollars.

In 2019, when he won the WBC Super Middleweight title Anthony Dirrell, the guaranteed fight purse was over $1 million. Also, in his last fight against Canadian David Lemieux, Benavidez reportedly received $350,000 plus 60% of his PPV earnings.

David Benavidez’s biggest fight purse

From the details available, David Benavidez’s biggest payday in his career so far remains the $1 million he pocketed when fighting Anthony Dirrell. However, it remains to be seen how much he can take home after his game against Caleb Plant. According to the agreement, both sides have agreed to a fifty-fifty division.

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Therefore, per InsideSportExcluding PPV margins, both fighters will receive between $2-4 million.


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Endorsements by David Benavidez

Unfortunately, information related to products or services endorsed by David Benavidez is not available. But Bob Arum‘s Top Rank He offered her a sponsorship deal in 2018. At first, he accepted the proposal and signed for $250k. However, he eventually reconsidered, returned the money and reportedly canceled the transaction.


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Otherwise, the boxer continues to box under the ‘Sampson Boxing’ banner, run by the promoter. Sampson Lewkowicz. Between Benavidez and Plant, who is your favorite boxer? Share your thoughts and opinions with us in the comments below.

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