Chip Zdarsky and Tom King owe their comic careers to James Gunn

Chip Zdarsky and Tom King talk about how they owe their careers at Marvel and DC Comics to James Gunn, the new head of DC Studios.

Chip Zdarsky, Tom King and they have been talking to more CBR’s Gregg Katzman about what’s coming Dawn DC publishing venture at DC Comics. But they also talked about how he owed his career at Marvel and DC Comics James GunnThe new head of DC Studios.

Chip Zdarsky, current Batman writer said, “I wouldn’t be working at Marvel or DC if it weren’t for James Gunn. After we did Guardians of the Galaxy, the weekend after it opened, an editor at Marvel contacted me and said, ‘Hey, do you have Watch Guardians of the Galaxy? James Gunn put Howard the Duck in the ending! I think now we have an opportunity to start a Howard the Duck series.” That was my first gig at Marvel. It’s funny, I got that job and I wrote Howard the Duck for a long time. Then it was like James. First up on Twitter one of the people liked it, he went out to do a public talk about Howard the Duck, and he enjoyed it. I was like, ‘Oh, well, that’s really cool.’ So yeah, I actually owe my career to James.”

At the time, Chip Zdarsky was known as an artist in titles such as Sex offendersand writing Howard the Duck he definitely put it on the map. Or at least another map that brought Spider-Man, Daredevil and, in DC, Batman. Tom King, coming Wonder Woman the writer added: “Dude, I have the same story. The day Guardians came out, they called me Omega Men, which was my first solo book, I was a real comic book writer! So I’m on the complete opposite side. .” Omega Men was a series he wrote for DC Comics, along with his own Vision series for Marvel, he got serious as a superhero writer, which led him to write Batman for four years as well Heroes In Crisis, Batman/Catwoman, Danger Street, Human Target and much more for DC.

Other DC creators had more to say about James Gunn during the Zoom call. Josh Williamson of Infinite Frontier, Dark Crisiscurrent writer Superman and the ones to come Green Arrow, said, “I was glad to see a DC voice. I mean, I think DC has been lacking a voice for a while. To have somebody out there that’s not just a voice for the company, look at these really cool. books, and [promoting] creators! Like you said, I don’t think we’ve really seen that. It’s really exciting to have someone talking about DC, being that voice and redirecting it to the source material. It’s really powerful.” Tom King, who is working directly with James Gunn on the upcoming films, stated, “That’s not a corporate synergy or a marketing plan at all, it’s just James Gunn speaking from his heart. He loves those comics. He read them, and he [talks] about them I mean, that makes me really excited about where DC is going. The people who make the product love the product. We’re just as big fans of these things and we want them to be good. A family feels like building something together. It’s wonderful.”

Meanwhile Phillip Johnson, good writer Action comics and the ones to come Green Lanternhe added “Yeah, okay. I think it’s clear that the multimedia stuff is being directed and done by a superfan. I’m very hopeful that we’ll see an unprecedented period of cohesion and sharing between source material and all sources. Other media coming out of Warners.”

Tom Taylor he was full of joy, how James Gunn throws himself into the comics. “I know he was reading my Suicide Squad when Bruno Redondo and I were writing it. I found out James is a fan of it. [I was] doing…. You want them to recognize that and keep the comics coming [at] end of trailer Seeing that, when we go to the movies, I think many of us as creators wanted to. In preview, we want to see [fans] go buy comics. Find new books, that’s where this material came from. Let’s celebrate the creators who created these stories that inform everything you’re seeing on screen right now, be it the MCU, the DCU, whatever. The source material is the reason these stories are so good. They came from the greatest storyteller on the planet.

Tina Howard, current writer Catwoman and Harley Quinn he continued “Yeah, I mean, I think there are so many fans with these movies who are so hungry for the next one that someone like James says, Well, this is what I’m looking for to send people into a frenzy. I’m sure there’s an article that features that. [talks about] What James Gunn could have taken from Tom Taylor and Bruno Redondo’s Suicide Squad. And that’s wonderful. Like, it’s really cool. It’s nice, as a writer, to see how people respond and adapt to your stuff. It’s exciting when someone draws fan art of a race I’m doing me It’s also exciting to know that someone up there in front of a billion people has your words on their mind. As a writer, it’s just exciting. We feel like we’re not famous, like writers do. When people in power go out of their way to appreciate us, it’s really exciting. You know, we’re just a very underappreciated class, if you ask us.

Chip zdarsky & tom king owe their comic book careers to james gunn
San diego, california – july 23: james gunn attends the marvel studios live-action presentation at san diego comic-con on july 23, 2022. (photo by jesse grant/getty images for disney)

Sometimes all it takes is a gesture of appreciation… or just a mention.

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