Atlanta Hawks and CareSource host future career panel at Meadowcreek High School

The Atlanta Hawks and CareSource hosted an interactive panel titled “Your Future: A Panel Highlighting Future Careers” for 400 students at Meadowcreek High School on March 20th.

The panel talked about the importance of mentorship, open-mindedness, and the success of team members.

From left to right: CareSource Population Health Engagement Specialist Elida Lopez, Atlanta Hawks Uniform Manager Silvia Ascencio, Manager of Atlanta Hawks Premium Membership Services Lauren Foster and Atlanta Hawks Basketball Operations Front Office Assistant Jay Rodríguez IIOn Monday, March 20, 2023, I was a member of the panel. Photo by Isaiah Singleton/The Atlanta Voice.

Earlier this week, the Hawks announced that they will be celebrating “Hispanic Heritage Night presented by CareSource” when the team celebrates Tuesday, March 28 at State Farm Arena in Cleveland. The night will celebrate the cultures and contributions of Hispanic and Latin Americans through a variety of events. -game elements, music, dancing, food and an exciting night of Hawks basketball.

Hawks and members of the CareSource team chatted with students about preparing for success in the future workplace and managing a lifelong career.

CareSource also presented a check for $5,000 to the Meadowcreek High School Student Scholarship Fund.

CareSource Population Health Engagement Specialists Elida Lopez said that as a proud Latina, and especially at the Hawks’ Hispanic Heritage events, it’s important to convey the message that being a minority and coming from a certain background shouldn’t hold someone back from their dreams and education. wishes

“Having this partnership with the Hawks and CareSource brings together the opportunity of two great entities and organizations responsible for providing services to schools like this one,” he said.

As advice for high school seniors who don’t know what to do after graduation, Lopez said it’s okay not to know.

“We don’t expect to fix our lives overnight. I know there’s always that pressure and expectation to figure out what you want to do after high school,” he said. “I’m much older than high school, but I feel like it takes so long to identify what I want to do in life. So always be open minded and persistent and continue your education”.

Atlanta Hawks Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Alexis Roe said they are committed to diversity and inclusion in every aspect of their business.

“We understand that there are systemic barriers that hold people back from their careers, and we wanted students to feel empowered and know that they can achieve the same success that we all have,” Roe said. “We wanted students to feel that there is a network if they have questions about careers in sports, entertainment and health. So for us, it’s just empowerment for the future career”.

Roe also said one thing she learned at the panel was that “career paths are not linear.”

“Within my career, I was all over the place because I didn’t have that clear vision, but I knew I wanted to marry my passions and my purpose,” she said. “What we saw from the group is that all the panelists marry their passions and goals and find real synergy. So when times are stressful, they think it’s something they love to do.’

Panelists Atlanta Hawks Uniform Manager Silvia Ascencio, Atlanta Hawks Premium Member Services Director Lauren Foster and Atlanta Hawks Basketball Operations Front Office Assistant Jay Rodriguez III discussed with the students their journey and tips for success and how they can prepare students for the future.

Additionally, Roe said mentoring is critical, especially as job markets become competitive.

“Having a mentor who has charted their path and understands what it takes to get there and then can check in with you, give you resources, tools and advice on how to get there in your career, it really helps make things feel achievable,” she said.

Often, Roe said, when someone doesn’t know anyone in the space they want to be in from a work perspective, it can seem overwhelming.

“It seems like when you apply for roles and keep getting rejected, you want to give up and settle for another career path, but if you have a mentor who truly believes that they’re making a difference and helping you achieve your dreams, then you’re on a lonely island. “, he said.

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