3 business schools promoting careers and uplifting lives

A business school education is becoming more desirable by the day. more than 250,389 students enrolled in an MBA program worldwide in the period 2020-21, a significant increase compared to five years ago. This number is only expected to increase in the next decade.

So what is driving this desire for a business school education? For one, they teach invaluable skills essential for the future of work. This includes everything from technical data analysis to the management and leadership skills needed to run a business. Mostly, though, the real value of business school lies in the many opportunities to network with like-minded, ambitious people.

Most of the change agents of the future will be found in the world’s top institutions. The reasons behind this are simple: the best business schools are known for their rigor and effectiveness in producing strategic, confident and capable leaders. Companies also take this into account; that’s why they offer it higher starting salaries and more leadership positions graduates of these institutions.

Here are three of the most prestigious business schools around the world that will turbocharge your career:

HEC Paris

First class business schools

HEC Paris offers the best education in the top business schools. Source: HEC Paris

HEC Paris is #1 business school in Europe in 2022 for its unique and comprehensive range of programs, all of which aim to prepare future business leaders who are socially conscious. This has attracted more than 4,500 students representing 111 nationalities – bringing the greatest talent from diverse professional and cultural backgrounds to the 340-hectare forest campus near Paris and Versailles.

Many join with great success Management Master. Classified #2 worldwide by the Financial Times, this 18-month program prepares students for a successful international career in business. The program is designed to help develop management experience and equip you with the skills necessary to become an outstanding leader in the business world.

Students can tailor the master’s program to their career goals. They choose between hundreds and 20 electives in key sectors including finance, sustainability strategy, marketing and more. Between classes, they can also participate in real-life case studies – the result of a unique dual-phase curriculum.

Opportunities for global exposure are also plentiful; the master’s degree itself includes 250 students representing 56 nationalities. For those looking to expand their horizons, HEC Paris has partnerships with leading universities around the world to run 20 exciting Master Exchange programs. An optional gap year is available for students who want to complete a personal or professional project that will bring them closer to their professional goals.

Unique HEC Talents Vocational Center is available to help students find the best future paths. Currently, more than 25,000 internships and permanent jobs are offered to HEC Paris students, and 99% are occupied within three months of graduation. After completing the program, students join a powerful alumni network of over 70,000 alumni. In essence, HEC Paris graduates are primed for success and are not afraid to make their mark on the world.

Learn more Management Master program in HEC Paris

London Business School

First class business schools

At London Business School, students are encouraged to push the boundaries of success. Source: London Business School/Facebook

Located in Regent’s Park, London Business School (LBS) is in the heart of the UK capital. Here, students can join range of programs related to business, including MSc, MBA and EMBAs in accounting, economics, finance, management science and operations, marketing, organizational behaviour, strategy and entrepreneurship.

Academic expertise is at the forefront of learning at LBS. In fact, it has MBA and Management Master both qualified programs first through highly respected publications all over the world They are taught on campuses that emphasize diversity and inclusiveness, creating an environment that fosters networking and connections.

“Before LBS, ‘networking’ was just a common word, but I soon learned that the people you connect with are the ones that move you forward,” says MIM graduate Claudia Broggi.

More than that, graduates from these programs have been proven to be consistently valued by employers around the world. For example, 94% of LBS management graduates within three months of graduation he got a job offer with an average starting salary of US$58,223. It is truly a stepping stone to success, now and in the future.

University of Chicago Booth School of Business

Top business schools

Chicago Booth offers an exceptional education on three dynamic campuses. Source: University of Chicago Booth School of Business

In terms of education for seasoned managers, University of Chicago Booth School of Business gives way It has done so for more than a century, with a suite of executive education programs that combine intellectual stimulation, excellent teaching and cutting-edge research.

These programs – offering the latest business knowledge and theory with practical real-world applications – are just what executives need to navigate the new world order. Full-time, part-time and executive MBA programsfor example, they are known for empowering students to think boldly and make an impact.

The best part? Each program is tailored to meet specific career goals, allowing students to choose based on their interests, ambitions and experience.

Global exposure is part of the experience. Chicago Booth has three world-class campuses in Chicago, London and Hong Kong, each with exceptional faculty who are leaders in their fields. Join the wide web 54,000 former students across all corners of the world and is a business education worth investing in that will create value for years to come.

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