10 films that revived an actor’s career

Many of Hollywood’s most popular actors have to face the fact that their careers will eventually lose momentum. While some actors will quietly retire or shun B-movies, some have been lucky enough to see a career comeback that boosts their star power. Usually, it takes a great performance in a movie that’s firing on all cylinders to put it back on the map.

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Little fans love more than a comeback story, and Hollywood is full of them. Everything from child actors proving they can move beyond their older roles to former action stars showing they still have what it takes to be a hero, even if it’s in a different genre. Watching the resurgence of a career delights fans and creators alike, and can bring some actors’ best performances as they adapt to new and old fans alike.

10 Everything everywhere Everything at once – Ke Huy Quan

He is known for his Data from roles the goonies and from Short Round Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Ke Huy Quan struggled to move beyond his childhood roles. However, that changed in the role of Waymond Wang Everything Everywhere Everything at once.

After winning a SAG Award for his performance, Ke Huy Quan’s career is sure to be on a resurgence, and he’s been the talk of Hollywood. There’s already been talk of the actor reprising some of his most popular roles from the ’80s, and it looks like he’s in line.

9 Pulp Fiction – John Travolta

Vincent vega from pulp fiction in a doorway

When Quentin Tarantino made it iconic Pulp Fiction, he couldn’t have known it would take Hollywood in a new direction. It also helped establish the careers of many actors in the context of dark humor, such as Samuel L. Jackson and Tim Roth. However, the real acting boost was given to John Travolta.

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He is still known for his role as Danny The fat, Travolta played Vincent Vega. Travolta’s career tended towards comedy and drama roles, but more meaningful roles like Pulp Fiction followed almost immediately. Broken Arrow, face itand Thin Red Line.

8 Million Dollar Baby – Clint Eastwood

Million dollar baby (2004)

Despite his impressive history in westerns and action films, Clint Eastwood starred in several mediocre films in the 90s, which did not know how to handle the red star. However, in the year Million Dollar Babythe actor stepped outside of his typical casting and played Frankie Dunn, a retired boxer who trains up and down Maggie Fitzgerald.

This role transformed Eastwood from his typical acting roles into a mature and retired older man who helps the younger generation. Although his acting roles have since diminished, Eastwood’s directorial role also helped cement the reputation established by the 1993 films. unforgiving.

7 Sicario – Josh Brolin

Josh brolin in sicario day of the soldier

He appeared in the 80s classic, the gooniesfew could have expected Josh Brolin’s career to continue well into the 2000s with his role as Llewelyn Moss in the film adaptation. No Town for the Old. After that, however, his career turned to less prominent roles.

In 2016, Brolin appeared as one of the main characters, Matt Graver, in Denis Villeneuve’s film. Sicario, a thriller about the United States’ war with Mexican drug cartels. The film did a great job of establishing Brolin as a Hollywood tough guy, and that paid off in films like Deadpool 2 and the dune.

6 Joker – Joaquin Phoenix

Close-up of joaquin phoenix in full joker makeup.

Although Joaquin Phoenix never achieved the star power of a leading man in his day, he consistently landed incredible roles in major films. He had roles in iconic films like Phoenix gladiator, Walk the Lineand Heafter that his roles became more niche.

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For much of the 2010s, Joaquin Phoenix’s projects were limited to small indie films that typically didn’t make much of an impact. However, in Todd Phillips jokerhe gave one of the most memorable and instantly acclaimed performances of his career and was one of the most successful comic book films of all time.

5 Guardians of the Galaxy – Chris Pratt

Peter quill challenges yondu to a dance from guardians of the galaxy

In modern Hollywood, few names are as synonymous with action as Chris Pratt. He has been the protagonist of the reboot jurassic park franchise, Amazon action show List of terminalsand the remake of The Magnificent Seven. However, it owed much of that to the MCU.

of 2014 Guardians of the Galaxy Pratt named his main hero, Peter Quill / Star-Lord. Before that, Pratt was seen as a goofy comic relief actor, with his main roles in comedies after Parks and Recreation’s Andy Dwyer. His MCU role redefined him as a true blockbuster action star.

4 John Wick – Keanu Reeves

John wick looks out in the rain in john wick

Keanu Reeves would be an iconic actor aside from the John Wick franchise thanks to his legendary projects. Matrix, speedand Bill and Ted the movies However, it is undeniable that his star fell in the late 2000s and early 2010s, mainly with mid-budget and unsuccessful films.

In 2014, Reeves played the action hero John Wick in the film of the same name. Reeves brilliantly embraced himself as an older actor and played to the coming-out-of-retirement crowd. What could have been another generic action film became a staple of the genre and made Reeves a hot commodity once again.

3 Iron Man – Robert Downey Jr

Robert downey jr. As tony stark in iron man 2

Iron Man is not only because of the birth of the MCU – the first film in arguably the most successful film series in the history of cinema – it completely rebooted Robert Downey Jr.’s acting career.

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He was known for his roles as an actor Weird science, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang,and Marking Jon Favreau Downey Jr. When he was cast as Tony Stark, the character’s arc mirrored that of the actor and gave them both a redemption story. Since then, the actor and heroine have become icons for modern audiences.

2 Pig – Nicolas Cage

Nicolas cage eating pig

After more than a decade of low-budget B-movies to get out of debt, Nicolas Cage made an impression on audiences with the role of Robin Feld. Pig. He delivered an incredibly powerful performance that proved to Hollywood that he had real talent beyond being a meme.

Since then Cage has put himself back on the map, soon followed by several film roles, such as playing Dracula. Renfield. Since then, there has been talk of the actor reprising some of his older roles, making a return the most likely. National Treasure 3.

1 Whale – Brendan Fraser

Brendan fraser sitting in the kitchen in a scene from the whale

Brendan Fraser’s career took a nosedive in the 2000s after he spoke out about the Hollywood abuse he suffered. His curtailed career never sat well with his fans, who lamented that one of the biggest adventure heroes in the film industry had suddenly fallen off the map, and for reasons no one should have to endure.

When Brendan Fraser was chosen to play Charlie in Darren Aronofsky’s film the whale, his fans immediately saw the comeback potential in the actor’s career. With unanimous praise for his role, he is already rumored to be returning to key franchises and joining new ones.

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